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In the News

Visit by the Virtual Pioneers to Nova Archaeology on June 22nd, 2004 Thanks to Spiff Whitfield and Serena Offcourse for producing the tour video

Virtual Pioneer Livestream Tour- Archaeology Open Sim

Virtual Worlds as Venues for Public Archaeology

at Society for Historical Archaeology Blog

By Beverly Chiarulli and Marion Smeltzer

3 virtual environment platforms that inspire learning

at Hypergrid Business News

By Ann Cudworth

Recent Speaking Events or Publications

Congratulations to Dr. Lazaros Papadopoulos for his recent publication

Design and Evaluation of a Simulation for Pediatric Dentistry in Virtual Worlds

VIBE grid - Staff House

OpenSim VIBE Grid

Login-URI: http://vibe.bio-se.info:9000
Registration Web Interface: just put URI in Grid manager and registration is splash page
Grid Name: vibe
Hypergrid Address: vibe.bio-se.info:9000:VIBE

Please see the Hypergrid page for more information on how to access the VIBE grid. Here is a quick visual tutorial for Firestorm and Imprudence


Virtual Islands for Better Education (VIBE) is a collaboration to create learning activities and tools in virtual worlds. We have our own hypergrid to improve our ability to collaborate and make our builds directly accessible to more people. Our OpenSim grids include biology, archaeology, public health, european union history, a massive creative commons searchable library and a kids centered grid. Please see individual User pages for more information on group members and for their specific inworld activities.

Facebook and SecondLife


Educational Tools

Amongst others, the following is a list of more important builds created by BIO-SE and associates.


  • Nova Archeology is our archeology region created by Nova Saunders. Archaeology Island, consists of virtualizations of archaeological sites investigated by faculty members in the IUP Anthropology, History, and Sociology departments.




  • Project Alexandria is an attempt to build a virtual public library from collected freely available texts.
  • Here is a creative commons bookcase featuring 90 children's stories right click link and select “save link as”

Global Health

  • East Africa Traveler is a virtual 3D simulation set in East Africa. The simulation gives new and experienced travelers an opportunity to test their knowledge of tropical diseases they may encounter, and to practice their cross-cultural communication skills.


Congratulations to our double machinima winner Dragan Lakic VWBPE 2013 Film and Machinima Awards: 2nd Place Father and Son Explore 3D Virtual Worlds Beyond the Stage http://youtu.be/n2NAOujGrVc and VWBPE 2013 Poster Awards: 3rd Place A Real-Time Interactive 3D Virtual Retail World http://youtu.be/sLvpZuW7558

* Opensimulator Community Conference 2013

video of our presentation The Fantastic Voyage of Converting to OpenSim for Biology and Archaeology Education


We run our own HyperGrid that is becoming our main building area and for future class use. Details for how to access and become a member can be found on our HyperGrid page. The connection details for the BIO-SE grid are the following:

Login-URI: http://vibe.bio-se.info:9000
Grid Name: vibe
Hypergrid Address: vibe.bio-se.info:9000:VIBE

Solving Problems

If you are experiencing problems with the hypergrid, please check the FAQ page where we provide hints and pointers for visitors and grid owners.


For builders, the resources page lists freely available resources such as basic scripts, textures, animations, sounds, terrain files, as well as full builds that can be imported or loaded as IARs or OARs onto your grids.

Grids Overview

VIBE - Main region has teleporters to associated servers: Genome Island, Global Health/South Africa Traveler, Project Alexandria, Nova Archaeology, BIOME, and a Showcase Grid. There are teleporters to other educational or science grids as well. A shopping region based on Linda Kellie OARs is present as well.

HyperGrid Sprawl

In order to minimize bloat in our hyprgrid setup, each Builder also gets their own independent but linked hypergrid. VIBE has a main hub area that allows easy travel between them.

Project Name Description Hypergrid Coordinates Page
Nova Archeology This grid is run by Nova Saunders nova.bio-se.info:9000:Nova hypergrid only
Genome Islands These regions are run by Max Chatnoir genome.bio-se.info:9000:Huxley hypergrid only
BIOME This region is run by Clowey Greenwood biome.bio-se.info:9000:BIOMEhypergrid only
Repository of Knowledge This is a public library. repo.bio-se.info:9000:Repository of Knowledge hypergrid only
Africa Traveler Learn about Global Health in Africa. africatraveler.bio-se.info:9000:AfricaTraveler hypergrid only
Showcase and Sandbox Grid Interesting publically available OARs are loaded up showcase.bio-se.info:9000:Showcase hypergrid only
Sandbox Regions 4 regions of public sandboxes showcase.bio-se.info:9000:Sandbox SW hypergrid only
Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentistry Training simulation toothfairy.bio-se.info:9000:erietta hypergrid only

All grid registrations are by invite or permission of Grid Admin – VIBE grid registrations are open

Second Life Destinations


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